Our Dog’s Christmas Party!

Come and join us at our Dog’s Christmas Party!!!!!!  Yes, your dog can bring his handler… Fun and games for all (no fancy dress this year).   Just bring a plate of snacks or cake and come and have some fun with your dog – 8.30am for 9am at the Kennel Club of Harare.  There will be no entry charge.  There will be a break for tea / drinks (cash bar) and cake / snacks etc at 10.30am.  Some members have said that they would like to stay and have a braai afterwards so those wanting to do that, please bring your own meat and salad.

GAMES – these will be in the ring by the kitchen.

DOG JUMPING – will be in the ring closest to Hampden Street.  Classes for all dogs, newcomers, beginners etc.

Some of the games which will be played on Sunday are as follows:

Musical chairs – one class for beginner dogs and handlers which will be followed by another class for the more advanced dogs (those who can sit and stay on their own).

Fastest recall to handler – your dog will be held at one end of the ring and the handler will go to the other end of the ring.  You will then call your dog to you…a stop watch is used to do the timing.  The fastest dog back to its owner wins!

Eleven legged race – find yourself a partner as two handlers and two dogs are needed….handlers legs are tied together with a sock, with a dog on each side and competitors have to run across the ring and back…

Down on the spot – send your dog to the spot and down it.

Catch the ball – handlers are in a line with their dogs sitting opposite. Handler throws a ball for the dog to catch – the dog has two chances to catch. If the dog misses the ball, then he drops out of game.  The remaining handler moves one step further away from the dog and throws again.

Dog jumping

Dogs must be 8 months old to enter.

Small/Large dogs who have done quite a bit of jumping cannot enter beginners.  This is a fun event.  You choose the course that you want your dog to jump… The jumps will be numbered with value points (there will be a time limit) – the dog with the highest points wins!

  1. Small dogs who are beginners – they will be allowed to jump on or off the lead.
  2. Small dogs who can jump off the lead.
  3. Large dogs…but beginners – they will be allowed to jump on or off the lead.
  4. Large dogs who can jump off the lead.

We look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday!

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