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The working Breeds club of Mashonaland AGM

The working Breeds club of Mashonaland held their  AGM on 21 February 2016 at the Kennel Club of Harare. The new committee was elected, the following members will remain on the committee : Mrs S Lamb, Ms G McLaughlan.
The following members offered themselves for re-election and were duly voted in: Mr R Ellis, Mrs U McKinlay and Mr D Lamb.

Presented were the trophies for the ‘Working Dog of the Year, the Dog Jumping Dog of the year, Agility Dog of the year, Obedience Dog of the year and Overal Working Dog of the year.

The club held 3 Championship Shows in 2015 as well as a championship breed show.

Roy Ellis and Geraldine McLaughlan showing the various trophies which were presented to the winners.

Roy Ellis and Geraldine McLaughlan showing the various trophies which were presented to the winners.

Members of the Working Breeds club of Mashonaland attending the AGM

Members of the Working Breeds club of Mashonaland attending the AGM

KCH Champion Dog Jumping show – 14 February

The Kernel Club of Harare held a Champion Dog Jumping show on 14 February and will hold another one soon again. As we are having a very bad rainy season, the day was sunny and dry and judges were busy with all the different kinds of jumping Contact, Non Contact and all 6 Dog Jumping classes.
The judges were Paolo Cernuschi, Terry Carter and Geraldine McLaughlan.
Various dogs did very well. I was there taking pictures of dogs coming out of the tunnel and fun to watch how they did and how their handlers were working hard to get them through. Public sitting on the side had a good view on all of them.
Price cards were made by Linda Lamb, so professional and must have been a treasure to win one of them.

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News Flash from Australia.

Time flies and we often don’t hear any news about our German Shepherd owners who left and now live far away. One of our members was Daphne McDowall.

I can’t remember all her dogs, but do know about her keen trading and entering her dog Jutta.
She got Jutta in 1987 who was a pup from Tanah Merah Diana  and Gero com Trei Madelhaus [Imported form Belgium].
Daphne entered Jutta many times and was so dedicated. In 2006 she got Wuckey, named her Nicky? who was form Bakhari of Barchaelo [imported from S Africa] and Tanah Merah Rambutan.

Daphne with Wuckey

Daphne in 2006 with Wuckey

Fairly soon Daphne immigrated to Australia to live with her son on the East coast, Nicky then came to live with Daphne’s daughter Susan.
A few weeks back Daphne got bad flu which turned into bad pneumonia. Because of this she had a vey bad cough which caused to get her a strangulated hernia, poor girl. Had to have the hernia operated on and had a heart attack. She was in ICU for over a week.
Susan managed to get a flight to Australia to be with her and thank goodness all went well and she is now home again recuperating. Still weak and frail, but I believe all is going slowly better.

We all remember her from those days and whish her all the best and some good times to come.


On the home front

Susan New PupsA lovely new arrival in Zimbabwe. Wucky passed away and Susan now has a wonderful new addition to her other Shepherd. How great that we have still so many true lovers of our breed. Enjoy her Susan and have a good time with her as soon as you get back from your Mum