Jennifer Way – Passed away on 6 May 2022

Jennifer Inez Way born in Plymouth 18 April 1936.   Her father knew of her birth and was on his way home to see his new daughter.   He was a Merchant Seaman and thanks to a German U boat went down with his ship.   One of the first casualties of the war to come.   Her mother moved to Cornwal and after the war to South Africa where Jennifer got her degree as a Nematologist.   

Her mother and she moved to Zimbabwe and early 1959 she applied to Tegwyn Kennels, breeders of Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis to buy a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.   She was duly interviewed and her home inspected by the breeder.   She was duly told she could have the puppy, BUT as she had chosen the pick of the litter she would have to show.   After training she entered her first show and went to the top and she was hooked.

Jennifer was snapped up by the Corgi Club and went onto the Committee at the following AGM.   Being now well involved in the dog world when Zimbabwe was forced to break away from South Africa in 1984 and Zimbabwe Kennel Club was formed quite naturally Jennifer was voted onto the Committee and after eight years she was made the Executive Officer where she remained to the date of her death on 6 May 2022.   A sad loss to the dog world.

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