The German Shepherd Dog Club no more?

The last Christmas lunch on 24 November 2019 was held on their veranda with 73 people. Some from the vintage car club, some from the Kennel Club of Harare, their own members and visitors. Pictures from the bar will be moved to the Kennel Club, boards with champion breed and obedience dogs will be taken to the Kennel club as well and what ever is no more needed will be auctioned off. The Committee and members will be allowed to move and train their dogs at the Kennel Club and Athena will keep running the various breed shows they held at the GSD Club in the past. Let’s hope that Athena and her committee will be able to keep the GSD Club alive and still holding shows.

Kennel Club of Harare – Sadly two of our dog members passed away.

Raymond Folcarelli always entered various obedience shows with his Border collies at the Kennel club. Helen Bates trained at the GSD League and later she married Roger Ashton and Roger helped us to do attach work at the Vainona Junior school where we were allowed to use an empty class room. We even had the GSD League shows at the school.

Raymond Anthony Folcarelli – We advise that Ray succumbed to pneumonia in the early hours of Friday 27 September 2019, at Dandaro Clinic.  Please join us for a memorial tea at 74 Montgomery Road, Highlands at 3pm, on Saturday 12 October 2019.  Please bring a small plate of eats.  Contact Ann 0774 117 450.

Helen was diagnosed with Cancer in her liver, but they could not operate as it was too close to major blood vessels. She has been having Chemo etc, for about 6 months. Very sadly she passed away on 2 October in New Zealand where she and Roger moved to.

Kennel Club of Harare shows

Various shows are held at the club and usually the weather is very sunny, but cold as it’s winter.
In one of the shows class B was entered by three dogs: Golden Retriever, Shelty and a border collie.

The only dog who was talking constantly in the down stay – See video here

Registered Name: Mackland Work O Holic
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (commonly referred as Sheltie)
Sex:  female
Age: 3
Started competing in 2018Is now in C Test (whether we like it or not)
Character: she is extremely shy, loves working, doing stuff.  When aroused/excited, they are very vocal dogs.  Highly alert dogs too.

Kennel Club of Harare – Dorothy Twiss

Mrs Dorothy Twiss was a long standing member of our club and she and her daughter were always entering their dogs in the breed shows. She also was the Headmistress of Arundel School in Harare.
“Mrs Dorothy Twiss died on Monday, 1st July 2019, aged 97 at St Andrew’s Care Home, Ewerby, Lincs.   Very peaceful. I was with her, as I had been throughout her final days, reading her favourite poetry to her. Kind regards Stephanie Twiss”

Stephanie with their two show dogs at Kennel Club.Unfortunately I cannot find Dorothy in between my pictures.

Happy Easter to all

Some pictures of our members enjoying the training with those stalwart trainers who come every weekend to give help how to get their dogs behaving and listening to commands.
The puppy class each Sunday seems to be very popular and some different breed of dogs entering the obedience competition.

Kennel Club of Harare Open Show

The Kennel Club of Harare was held the first Open Show Obedience of the new year. The weather was sunny and no rain that day. Not many entries: 2 in C test, 2 in B test and 4 in A test.

Last command for the sit stay
Competitors: Lesley, Sam, Ursula and Brian. Judge Cherie Blake with steward Pam Brennan
A puppy class was being held in the ring near the kitchen, by Paulo

Show dates for the 2019

02.02.19Kennel Club of HarareP CernuschiOPDJ   AG 
02.02.19Rhodesian Ridgeback ClubP CernuschiOPDJ   AG 
03.02.19Rhodesian Ridgeback ClubP CernuschiOPOB 
16.02.19Working Breeds Club of MashP CernuschiOPDJ   AG 
16.02.19Zimbabwe Kennel ClubP CernuschiOPDJ   AG 
17.02.19Zimbabwe Kennel ClubP CernuschiOPOB 
09.03.19Rhodesian Ridgeback ClubP CernuschiOPDJ   AG 
09.03.19Kennel Club of HarareP CernuschiOPDJ   AG 
10.03.19Kennel Club of HarareP CernuschiOPOB 
17.03.19German Shepherd Dog Club of HreA J Butler  OPOB 
30.03.19     Toy Dog Association of MashA J  Butler  OP  DJ  
30.03.19Kwekwe & District Kennel Club  +A J ButlerOPDJ  
14.04.19German Shepherd Dog Club of HreA J ButlerOPRally 
27.04.19German Shepherd Dog Club of HreA J ButlerOPDJ 
27.04.19Welsh Corgi Club of MashonalandA J ButlerOPDJ 
11.05.19Toy Dog Association of MashA J ButlerCHDJ25.04.19
11.05.19Zimbabwe Midlands Kennel Club +A J ButlerOPDJ 
19.05.19Welsh Corgi Club of MashonalandA J ButlerOPOB 
25.05.19Working Breeds Club of MashP CernuschiCHDJ   AG 
26.05.19Working Breeds Club of MashP CernuschiCHOB 
02.06.19Toy Dog Association of MashA J ButlerOPOB 
08.06.19Kennel Club of HarareP CernuschiCHDJ   AG 
09.06.19Kennel Club of HarareP CernuschiCHOB   BR 
15.06.19Zimbabwe Kennel ClubA J ButlerCHBR19.05.19
15.06.19Zimbabwe Midlands Kennel Club +A J ButlerCHBR19.05.19
15.06.19Mashonaland Ladies’ Kennel  AssocA J ButlerCHBR19.05.19
16.06.19Kwekwe & District Kennel Club +A J ButlerCHBR19.05.19
16.06.19Hatfield Kennel Club A J ButlerCHBR19.05.19
16.06.19Working Breeds Club of MashA J ButlerCHBR19.05.19
07.07.19Welsh Corgi Club of MashonalandA J ButlerCHOB23.06.19
14.07.19Sheepdog Association of ZimbabweMrs van de RuitCHST30.06.19
15.07.19Sheepdog Association of ZimbabweMrs van de RuitCHST30.06.19
17.07.19Sheepdog Association of ZimbabweMrs van de RuitCHST30.06.19
18.07.19Sheepdog Association of ZimbabweMrs van de RuitCHST30.06.19
27.07.19German Shepherd Dog Club of Hre      A J ButlerCHDJ CGC13.07.19
28.07.19German Shepherd Dog Club of HreA J ButlerCHOB13.07.19
18.08.19Toy Dog Association of MashA J ButlerCHOB04.08.19
24.08.19Working Breeds Club of MashP CernuschiCHDJ   AG 
25.08.19Working Breeds Club of MashP CernuschiCHOB 
31.08.19Kennel Club of HarareP CernuschiCH DJ   AG 
01.09.19Kennel Club of HarareP CernuschiCHOB 
14.09.19Zimbabwe Kennel ClubP CernuschiCHDJ   AG 
15.09.19Zimbabwe Kennel ClubP CernuschiCHOB 

Kennel Club of Harare held their Christmas lunch on 2 December at Alo Alo restaurant.

There were four tables each for 10  members, so a good turn out for the club. The food was excellent and well presented.


Festive Cheesy Mushroom Poppers

Served with our Homemade Aioli Sauce 


Festive Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breast

Filled with a Sage & Onion stuffing, Served with a Creamy Parsley Sauce

Pepper Crusted Beef Fillet

Sliced into Medallions, Served with a Sauce of your Choice


Crème Caramel Ice Cream