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Pam Brennan 80.

A wonderful person who comes to train two classes every Sunday when there are no shows: The 8 o’clock class is for the trainers and the 9 o’clock class she takes the advanced handler and their dogs.

She is no member of a club, just does this for the love of dogs and their performances. When there are shows being held at the club, she still comes and supports her pupils.

Last Sunday 21 May was Pam’s  80th birthday and it was felt that this should be celebrated. After her 9  – 10 class she came onto the verandah and was surprised by her special arranged “birthday table” with special made cake for her and presents from her pupils and friends.

Foto’s of Pam cutting her cake and her pupils standing around singing happy birthday to her.

The Ridgeback club obedience show 14-May-2017

The Ridgeback club [Licence borrowed and run by the Kennel Club of Harare]

The Obedience section was held on Sunday 14 May 2017. Weather was sunny and cool for dogs and handlers. The Judge Mrs L Utton, came from S Africa

  1. 8:00 for 8:30
    BEGINNERS (judge Mrs. C. Blake)
  2. After previous class
    B-TEST (judge Miss G M McLaughlan)
  3. After previous class
    C-TEST (judge Miss G M McLaughlan)
  1. 8:00 for 8:30
    A-TEST (judge Ms. L. Utton)
  2. After previous class
    NOVICE (judge Ms. L. Utton)
Some pictures of the Novice class:
Interested Members watching the class
Walking away for the sit-stay
This exercise is that the handlers are facing their dogs while they are in a one minute sit-stay
Handlers leaving their dogs in the down-stay, hope they all were good.