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Working Breeds AGM – 26th March 2017

The following members will remain on the Committee for the 2017 period:

Mr. R Ellis, Mrs. U McKinlay, Mr. D Lamb, Mr. P. Cernuschi [Co-opted], Mrs. C. Jennings [Co-opted], Miss S. Fernandes [Co-opted].
Mrs. S. Lamb was re-elected.

Mrs. G. McLaughlan stood down after many years of hard work and running several shows each year.

Dick Cory’s Funeral

Dear Ilse.

The funeral went well… I set it up as if we were having a the priest stood at the top table and about 50/60 people arrived so it was a very good turn out.   Sue Carter had done a   beautiful  huge flower arrangement on a pedestal, which was put next to the top table… and she did another for the food table… We put the food table along the wall by the kitchen and a lot of people kindly brought food. It went off very well,  we had the bar opened as well,  and I eventually got home about 5.30. Pippa will be feeling sad now,  her granddaughter has gone back to Australia, so she will be all alone…


Kennel Club of Harare

Dear KCH Members

It is with great sadness that we advise that our ex-Chairman of the Kennel Club of Harare – Mr Dick Cory – sadly passed away on Thursday 3 April 2014 at home in Christon Bank.

There will be a memorial service on Thursday 10 April 2014 to be held at the Kennel Club of Harare at 2.30pm.

Best regards
Linda Lamb.

URGENT Re-Homing 10 Month old German Shepherds

10 Month old GSDs

10 Month old GSDs

I’m  sending you these photos of the 2 German Shepherds, both female,

People are always asking for German Shepherds but they don’t always understand the responsibilities attached to owning one and we’ve seen so many neglected dogs brought in due to ignorance.

They are 10months old and the one is very timid as she hasn’t been handled enough and I think the other one Kira is quite boisterous.

Gail  is concerned about rehoming them to someone who has small children and doesn’t know what they’d be like around cats and other livestock like chickens + rabbits.

The problem with them is that they’ve been kenneled for a large part of their lives.

They’re coming into the SPCA this afternoon Thanks so much for your concern and hopefully you may be able to assist in some way through your website.  I’m going to look at it now.

Gail (Clinton)