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I started in German Shepherd dogs when I met up with Bettie Levenderis, who in turn introduced me to Gordon Griesron.  Gordon brought back our first GSD Bitch from South Africa in April 1976.

I was in the Committee and  was also Chairman of the Working Trials of Zimbabwe for some years around 1985 . I have been Secretary for the GSD League as well as Secretary for the Working Trails for another 5 and a half years from 1999. I gave Obedience Training Classes on Sundays at the Kennel club of Harare and now give private domestic lessons at home. In addition I go regularly to South Africa to attend to Schutzhund training seminars with Joanna Fleming -Plumb and other helpers.

Breed achievements

Cadeau Freya 2 CCs
Ch. Tanah Merah’s Antoinette 7 CCs, 11 RCCs, 2 BOB
Tanah Merah’s Dagger 2 CCs, 3 RCCs
Ch Windsfair Cadet of Pimpernel 3 CCs
Grand Victrix 1991 & Ch Inka (Diot Biene) of Tanah Merah ‘V’ 9 CCs, 2 RCCs 2 BOB, 2 Best Bitch and Grand Victrix SA
Ch Gero von Trei Madelhaus ‘V’ V & 3 CCs, 8 RCCs
Tanah Merah’s Margy 2 CCs, 8 RCCs, 1 BOB
Saxon von Kirschental ‘V’ V & 1 CC
Rena van het Tjeukemeer V
Tanah Merah Quini V
Hame-O-Dun Midnite Rose V
Tanah Merah Virginia SG, 2 CC’s, 3 RCC’s, 2 BOB

Over the last 25 years I have bred 25 litters (two litters outside the alphabet lettering and my last ‘X’ litter was born on 16-11-2009).

Imported Cadeau’s Freya South Africa 1976
Gero von Trei Madelhaus Belgium 1985
Rena van het Tjeukemeer Netherlands 1993
Bakhari of Barchaelo South Africa 2003
Started to enter dogs in Obedience March 1979
Working Trials June 1980
IPO February 1987
Dogs who competed in the past Freya CD Ex, TD 1 CC in C Test
Donna Novice
Antoinette CD Ex. TD 1 Novice
Gero CD Ex, TD 1 IPO 1 C Test
Kali CD Ex IPO 1 CC in C Test
Saxon CD Ex IPO 1 Novice
Rena IPO 1 Novice
Rosie A Test
Rambutan SG, AD, SchH 1, SchH 2
Currently training Bakhari of Barchaelo
Tanah Merah Xelka

Started Judging

September 1986 with IPO Panel Judge in June 1991
September 1983 with Working Trials Panel Judge in June 1992
March 1984 with Obedience Panel Judge in June 1993
Dog jumping 1 & 2 since 2003


You can find me in the northern suburbs of Harare.

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