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Would Neville have a giggle?

Via the website I received a request from Erica Crouch to help to find out where Neville Crouch’s partner was.

My father and his wife bred Chow Chows many years ago.  He was Neville Crouch She was Ursula They were not married. I am wondering if you could assist me in finding out the name of a friend of theirs who bred Boerboels or someone who can assist with Ursulas surname or who could assist me with what happened to Ursula after my father passed away.
Thank you in advance.

I wrote to a few “oldies” to see if they could remember or help. Most of them reacted but had no idea where Ursula, Neville’s partner was, or what her surname was. One person told me she had gone to the UK to live there. Others wrote what they knew of the old times and one was amazing to find out more about Ursula.

One reaction was quite interesting about Neville and Ursula’s time from Meryl:

I think you are right about Ursula’s surname being le Kok.

Roly and I were invited to their place for several excellent lunches over the yrs – I seem to remember that Gordon and Judy  were there on at least one occasion?….

I remember a couple who they were very friendly with who were not members of the Kennel Club, and were always at their lunches or braais, but have no idea if they had Boerboels?

I know he was very friendly with a couple in Gweru and used to stay with them when he went down to their shows, can’t remember their names, but she was involved on the Committee – seem to remember they had Boxers – but did not show them.

Roy wasn’t Neville very friendly with John Ripley’s son? – seem to remember they used to drink together in the bar at KCH – think his name was Steve? – I am in touch with Yvonne, so she could possibly ask Steve?

Another reaction was from Roy, amazing he managed to find  this:

Hi Ilse,

Follow this link on YouTube. I am sure it is Ursula La Cock which is the name of Neville’s partner.

Here is a picture of her with a Bar Throated Apalis on her arm.

She must be getting on now. I remember her telling the story of when she went to the passport office she was told to go to the front of the queue. When she got there, there were about six people in front of her. She said “If any of you are older than 81 you can go in front of me”. They passed her to the front.

And Erica’s response.

I cannot thank you enough I got the e mails tonight and straight away hopped onto youtube and giggled like crazy, this is so how I remember Ursula, full of beans, life and mischief.  I then did a search on facebook and found her still going strong at 92 doing a pushup challenge.  She is on facebook as Ursula Lacock.

Please thank everyone for me. 

Hugest hugs