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Dog Christmas party 2016

Hi All doggy friends,

Today was the Dog Christmas party and what fun to be able to come and watch all the various dog morning fun. It was so good to see Joyce and Alan Lester there too to watch it all.

I would like to thank all committee members for their fantastic input throughout the year for us members and dogs. Amazing the work they have put in and hope they will cary on doing so much for us.

Sadly Cherie Blake was not able to be there as she had a vary nasty experience and had to stay home for a rest, keep well Cherie and get better soon.

I have taken some pictures of the event today and need to look at them, put them onto my laptop and see what is good to go onto the web. This will take some time.

A very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


Arranging of the first fun tunnel race

Long time members of the cub: Joyce and Alan Lester, great to see them.

Gee some great German Shepherds were there too, beautiful to see these.

A Lovely family who came too.

Such an appealing face did this little one have

Tunnel competition: is she coming out of the tunnel?

Preparing for the musical chairs

Each handler has a helper and the fun just starting

Yes thy are all sitting and helpers try to keep the dog into the required sit position.

Some different kind of dogs? Here one with ‘spiky made up’ hairdo?

Well cut poodle hairdo, amazing what you can see on a fun day.