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There is an outbreak of kennel cough in the Harare area, possibly country wide.   Please follow the safety suggestions listed.   Do not take your dogs out of their home environment. Do not allow visitors to bring dogs to your home.   If you do allow visitors in your home, lock your dogs away and keep the visitors restricted to one area that you can seal off from your dogs.   Do not go visiting friends who own dogs.   Do not touch dogs when you go out of your own home.   Do not attend dogs shows.   This is not a joke.   Kennel cough is a killer.   Although you personally will not contract kennel cough you can carry the virus on your hands, feet and clothes.   Stay wise.   Stay safe.   More importantly, keep your dogs safe.

KCH Newsletter

Dear KCH Members

I thought it was about time, that I contacted everyone, and told you what was happening at the Kennel Club of Harare and what your membership and training money is carefully spent on. Nearly forgot to mention the money brought in from Sunday teas and the catering at the shows which also goes into the kitty. Our grateful thanks to the people who not only serve the teas, but donate the cakes etc. on a Sunday. While I am writing about this, we are always looking for people to help out with this Sunday duty. It always seems to be the same people helping, and next year we will have a real problem looking for someone to help with catering especially at the shows. If you are prepared to help out, please contact me.

You will have probably noticed that work has started on putting up a section of new roofing in the old benching hall. (thanks to Mr Peter Pozzo). The old roof had to be taken down as the wood holding up the roof was rotting, and there was a danger of the roof falling in. It is important to have a section undercover so that when it rains, we can continue our training! I remember one year when we had rain at our Dog Christmas party and we actually had to hold it in the benching hall.

Several trees had to be taken out during the year, due to branches falling off, etc. but you will see we have planted new trees in the parking area.

We have started work on the big french door near the toilets, where the glass had been broken for probably over a year – the old glass has been taken out, new panes will be put in and it will be repainted.

The front of the bar building is next on our list… sometimes I wonder how the glass stays in as most of the putty has gone… also the window sills have broken off… This work will start very soon.

We try and keep our grounds looking nice, which all costs money… and our grateful thanks to Sue and Gill who put a lot of work into it – the gardens are looking great!

The other thing we had to do was to put in a water tank… and at last we always have water in the toilets and kitchen… we have had the geyser repaired and what a joy, to have hot water on tap.


Sunday 1st December: Come and join us for our Christmas lunch at Alo, Alo Restaurant. It was great fun last year. ……Please see the menu attached. The cost will be $22 which will cover the tip as well. I will be taking bookings together with payment as from Sunday 20 October. The last day to pay for this will be on Sunday 24 November 2013.

Sunday 15th December: There will be no training on this day…. This is the Dogs Christmas Party! Yes, they can bring their handler! For those of you who haven’t been before, there will be a fancy dress..(anything goes) plus games for dogs and handlers – more about this later.

If anyone has any ideas for raising funds to help maintain the Club, please contact us, as we still have wages, elec, etc to pay every month and there are always repairs to be made monthly. Any assistance in any way will always be appreciated!

Please note that there will be the usual training this Sunday 20 October – looking forward to seeing you all there!

Best Regards

Ursula McKinlay

Kennel Club of Harare Newsletter

Dear Members

I thought it was time that the Committee brought you up to date as to what is happening at your Club, and how we spend the money collected from subs, training and teas.

We have already bought the I.B.R. roofing sheets for the new roof that is to be made over the old benching hall. This should be started soon… The idea being that in the rainy season we can at least do some training under cover….

Our next project is to replace a couple of panes of glass that are broken in the bar, and to dig out all the old putty, and replace, followed by painting.

Have you all noticed the gardens? What an amazing job, and hard work to tidy it all up, and how nice the grounds are looking!

This year, Mr and Mrs Taentzer are coming up from South Africa to judge our Obedience and Dog Jumping Championship Show on Sunday 9 June 2013. You would have already received the schedule from Linda Lamb, our Secretary, but to remind you it starts 7am for 7.30am and the entries close 27 May 2013. Do make sure that your entries are in as soon as possible to Linda Lamb. Mrs Yvonne Taentzer will be judging the dog jumping classes, Beginners and A Test obedience and Mr Jack Taentzer will be judging Novice and B Test.

For the first time we will be holding a Canine Good Citizen Bronze Level Test which Mr Taentzer will conduct once the obedience classes are finished. For those of you who were not at the clinic that was held last year, and to find out more about it, please see the e-mail to be sent out shortly with further details.

The Kennel Club of Harare Championship Breed Show will be held on Saturday 31 August 2013. Further details will be sent out closer to the time. Entries close on 17 August 2013.

Please note that Dog Jumping sessions are conducted at the Kennel Club of Harare most Saturday afternoons commencing at:

2.30pm Small dogs (advanced)
3.00pm Large dogs (beginners)
3.30pm Large dogs (advanced)

Only dogs over the age of 18 months should attend advanced classes. However, subject to demand, beginner & puppy classes can be held for younger dogs. These puppy classes would cover handling basics without straining puppies’ growing joints. Dog Jumping Fee – US$2 per lesson. Should you wish to attend or require more information, please contact Paolo Cernuschi on cell: 0772-283 181.

NOW…we have a problem…. Catering….We do need people to help run the kitchen on Show Days. I am quite prepared to buy everything needed, as you know it is kept simple – egg and bacon rolls, steak rolls and hamburgers, cake, tea and coffee….and I am prepared to get down early and set everything up, but, we do need workers. It is impossible for the usual people to work in the kitchen, and show their dogs in obedience (for which they have been training for all year). I was hoping that the obedience people could help in the kitchen when the breed shows are on and the breed people help when the obedience shows are held, but no luck so far…. Has anyone any ideas?

If anyone could possibly do a couple of hours in the kitchen (we could do a roster), then please could you speak to Pippa Cory on 0772 353 776 or Linda Lamb on 0772 354 486. I am leaving for England on Saturday, and only get back just in time for the show. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Ursula McKinlay