Kennel club Training on a Sunday

Please note that amendments have been made to the structure of the Obedience classes held on Sunday mornings at the Kennel Club of Harare.  Please see the following details and if there are any queries, please speak to either Cherry Blake on 0772 326922 or your normal trainer on Sunday morning.

Trainer – Dave Lamb – 9am
Puppy class  – puppies up to 9 months.

Trainer – Cherry Blake – 9am
All new comers with dogs older than 9 months.

Trainer – Geraldine McLaughlan – 9am
Small dogs.

Trainer – Ursula McKinlay – 9am
Dogs coming out of Dave’s and Cherry’s class.

Trainer – Pam Brennan  – 8am
Trainers class and dogs in Obedience Class A, B and C.

Trainer – Pam Brennan  – 9am
Show Beginners and Novice classes.

IMG_3052 copyOn a busy day Dave Lamb’s class has a lot of new dogs. Dave is always coming every Sunday to take his special class. Dogs get obedience training and special socialising with each other with different breeds. Important for all.

IMG_3050 copy IMG_3049 copy

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