Seresto Collars

I would think these might only be available in S Africa for our pets. Prescription needed from your Veterinarian.

I know of one dog who became very agitated at day 2 and when collars as taken of she settled again, so do remember that they could be allergic to them, but otherwise very economical and it lasts for 8 months.

Today, most flea and tick treatments require monthly applications. With such busy personal and professional lives, it’s not surprising that many people find it difficult to remember when re-treatment is required. Seresto® now offers an easy solution to this problem by offering up to 8 months of protection with a single application. It’s a simple way to ensure you’re doing the right thing for your cat or dog, while helping you keep fleas and ticks successfully under control. Collars in available in 2 sizes – Small (Dogs less than 8kg) and Large (Dogs over 8kg).

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