The Ridgeback club obedience show 14-May-2017

The Ridgeback club [Licence borrowed and run by the Kennel Club of Harare]

The Obedience section was held on Sunday 14 May 2017. Weather was sunny and cool for dogs and handlers. The Judge Mrs L Utton, came from S Africa

  1. 8:00 for 8:30
    BEGINNERS (judge Mrs. C. Blake)
  2. After previous class
    B-TEST (judge Miss G M McLaughlan)
  3. After previous class
    C-TEST (judge Miss G M McLaughlan)
  1. 8:00 for 8:30
    A-TEST (judge Ms. L. Utton)
  2. After previous class
    NOVICE (judge Ms. L. Utton)
Some pictures of the Novice class:
Interested Members watching the class
Walking away for the sit-stay
This exercise is that the handlers are facing their dogs while they are in a one minute sit-stay
Handlers leaving their dogs in the down-stay, hope they all were good.

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